Bunnies and Work Drawings

Evening everyone! Hope you all are doing well~

Here I would like to present my work and bunny sketches. Most of the drawings were done on lunch breaks while others were done randomly at home or somewhere else. My goal has been to just draw when I can and capture the cuteness that is bunny.

Ever since I brought Jasper into my life, I have turned into the crazy bunny lady! All I want to do is draw rabbits. As you can see below, there is a progression of different types of rabbits. It has been difficult for me to truly capture them the way I want to, but that is why I keep drawing them.

Lately, I have been using pen more. I really like the way it looks on paper. I especially like how my owls turned out and the female in the striped shirt. Using pen really pushes me to commit to my lines…

I would recommend anyone who uses primarily pencil to give it a try. It sucks when you cannot erase but when you make those mistakes it pushes you to problem solve and commit to what you did.



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