Find Your Why to a Healthy Life

This week I jumped back on the exercise bandwagon, and let me tell you I am feeling sore and it feels GREAT. Over the weekend I stopped at Half Price Books & Walmart and got some new goodies. One of them being a Jilian Michaels dvd. I do not know what happened or what changed, but I finally decided that Monday is the day I start working out again! For months now I have taken a long hiatus and when I saw that new Jilian dvd I was like, LETS DO THIS.


Jilian has always been my go to girl. Her workouts have helped me gain muscle, trim down my fat, and push myself past my limit. She is tough, insightful, and takes no crap. (And let me tell you, working out with her in real life is 20X more intense than her dvds) You will sweat, and you will hurt for DAYS.

But one of the biggest reasons I like Jillian is that she offers solid advice.  The one I remember the most is, “Find your why.” What is the reason you want to be fit and healthy? What is your goal? When you find you’re why, you can push yourself through ANYTHING no matter how tough it is.

It seems simple right? But so is breathing and we all can forget to do that when working out.

In my new journal, I reassess myself and make a list of my whys. I have a ton more but these are the main ones for now. I know the why in my head but it is important to remind ourselves “why” do we want this? Giving up on holding a 30 second plank seems easy but if I stick it out and hold it longer, I become closer to my goal.


Why do I push myself? Why do I want to exercise? Why do I want to be healthy?

I feel more energized.

I feel happy.

I feel more confident.

I am MORE motivated.

I feel great when people take notice of my progression.

I can endure more strenuous tasks.

It makes me feel STRONG.


(I also want to live long and fulfill my other goals like being able to do a pull up without someone spotting me.)

Since I have moved out from my grandmas I slowly fell off the bandwagon. Everyday after work I would exercise, eat, drink a nice protein smoothie, and leave the rest of my night for drawing, watching movies, or hanging with friends. I was so happy with the progress I made last year. My hard work was paying off. Then I moved, the amount of time for myself was shorter and my everyday routine changed. My new motto that I developed is, “if I am not exercising my body I am going to exercise my mind.” Which I have. I have been reading a lot of books and learning a lot about design and working on my craft which I am happy about. Reading more books was on my lists of things to do, but I had not found the balance yet. However, with all that change and my new dream desk job, the pounds came back and the energy was low.


Why did I stop exercising? (Present excuses below)

 I moved and never settled

I got a full time internship

I took too long of a break

I gave my time to others

I have too much to get done

I  have to balance work, art, chores, people, rabbit, car, bills,

Most importantly I did not make the time.

This applies to EVERYTHING. Take Control and Manage your Time.

There are far more positive reasons to exercise and eat right than stopping that progression. The biggest excuse someone could say is, “I do not have the time to exercise,” but what they do not know is that you have to MAKE time to exercise. Time waits for no one. It will keep going with or without you.

I have been working through my challenges of juggling tasks and time and have found my solution which is building boundaries, waking up early, and staying at work a little bit later.

I have done this because I am far more motivated in the morning than at night. I can exercise in the morning, and since I am at a desk job I am in the right environment to draw, work, blog, pay my bills, and do what I need to do.

If you want a healthy life you have to eat well, be active, stay positive, and be dedicated. My overall goal of course is to be happy, but I also want to feel confident in my body and in my abilities. My health ties into everything in my life. I need to be healthy in order to perform better and to focus better. Taking control of my life by waking up earlier every day is giving me the window I need. I can exercise, I can blog, I can draw, I can spend LESS time browsing the internet.

In all, my advice to anyone who reads this, if you want to change, YOU have to make it happen. Take control of your life. Embrace progress and do not be too hard on yourself. Be disciplined and push yourself but do not put yourself down with negative thoughts. Think positive and find your WHY.


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