Highlights of 2014

Wow! I did not update anything in my blog for a year? Well here are the highlights. I am pleased that I was able to achieved some New Years resolutions I set for myself at the end of 2013. So without further ado, here is the list!

  •  I moved out from my grandmas


  •  I left my job at Dollar Tree after 5 years 








  • I started my internship at Allen Interactions








  • A wonderful engineer,scientist, and musician took interest in me in my life whom I met as a kid









  • I adopted a bunny into my life and named him Jasper








  • I was in a photoshoot


Joslyn and Lightning









  • I made progress on my body

Joslyn 2014 Progress









  • I went to 2 weddings (ChrisxSara and BarbxMark)








  • I got myself a new guitar and named him Lightning (After Steve Clark of course








  • I met Jilian Michaels at Mall of America








  • I saw Def Leppard, Kiss, and Joan Jett in concert















  • I visited my dad’s grave for the first time since his passing in 1998









  • I bought my second car








  • After years of not being able to afford dental work, I was able to have surgery and get caught up with all my teeth issues








  • I was approved for my first apartment and will be moving this February with Davis and Jasper







  • I saved a turtle on the highway who had a missing foot and claw

One clawed turtle







  • I held a reunion with my friends for my 25th birthday








  • I went to my first clothing swap and have been hooked ever since

joslyn at clothing swap







  • I read more books about art, design, and self promotion (These are now my favorites)

artist in the office

















I'd rather be in the studio










layout index










how to be an illustrator








  • I really became passionate about bunnies especially of my little Jasper







Jasper the adorable bunny














  • I built a stronger relationship with my little sister

Darien and Joslyn. Sisters 4 life.







  • I have made some wonderful friends at my job and they have showed me much kindness

5 things







joslyn and shannon

Studio K Developer Shannon has shown me much kindness and has given me many great gifts.








Our Instructional Designer Ann decorated my cube for my birthday!

Our Instructional Designer Ann decorated my cube for my birthday!









Dragon from Jessica








I have the most amazing boss. He gave everyone a gift basket and a card for he holidays










Jessica is my super awesome friend who gave me the dragon figure above and stops by at my cube everyday to talk to me.

  • I can now all myself a media artist. [That is what Allen Interactions has me listed as :D] I truly love working here.


Its been a great year. I did not imagine at 25, my dreams of having this amazing job and getting my own apartment would come true so soon. I am very excited and busier than ever.  Now that I will be moving into my own place and getting internet, updating my blog shouldn’t be so much of a challenge. Haha. I look forward to see what happens this year.


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