Summer of a Graduate

Hey everybody! Joslyn here updating her blog! I have things I would like to share!!!!

jschmitt003jschmitt006My coworker has been wanting me to draw her a fairy/nude woman for the past few years now, and I finally had time to do it. I am very pleased with this one. Especially since I was told it didn’t even look real, like my mom and granny said they could not believe I actually drew this. That there is the best compliment anyone could give me. I have been very much inspired to draw these beautiful creatures lately. Late nights I often find myself going through the pages of my illustration books of Brian Froud and just want to draw as beautifully as him. The second drawing is more of an elf I am going to send to a friend in the mail. I just felt like drawing another woman and decided to give it away.

This summer I have been trying to keep busy. I have been working, exercising, applying to studios, watching movies, hanging with friends, cooking more and enjoying the summer. I even got contacted by a place called Augsburg Fortress to go in and take a after effects animation test and had a three person interview. I have not heard anything back but I am crossing my fingers! I want to have my foot in the door by the end of the year. Until than I have to keep drawing and practicing my skills.

A few weeks ago I got to go fishing and spend four days up north in the small town of Vining. I was so happy that I had a chance to do it, it was really short notice and not planned. It was so peaceful though. I have not gone fishing in a few years so I enjoyed being out in nature and sitting on the dock with my aunt’s dogs. It was the vacation I really needed.

I have been sketching a little here and there. But now I feel energized to continue my senior project. It is quite troublesome though because I do not have a cyntiq to work on so I am going to try and get my project going on Kickstarter. I really want to finish it. I also want to buy other equipment so I can start selling my art as prints and on bookmarks/buttons and bring happiness to people. I need the basics like a scanner/printer though. Soon in the future it will happen. I am just taking it one step at a time.

So now without further ado, more drawings!

jschmitt009Here is a drawing I did of my mom in my sketchbook. She was watching Family Feud. I am pretty happy with this one because my family agreed it really looks like her.

jschmitt008Here are a few other pages in my sketchbook. As an animator I have been trying to work on my characters and their poses. Instead of always being so stiff. I really like my guy because his pose came all from my head. I use references with the poses like in my nude fairy, I posed that, which most of the time I take pictures of myself posing but sometimes I use google to reference poses. Only the poses though I make up the characters and the rest on my own. I just want to be able to make sure that it looks proportionate and correct. 🙂


Here is a before and after. The first drawing was done 10 years ago when I was 13 years old. It was a character I made up. So I decided to go back and redraw her. It is not finished but here is the progress.
jschmitdrawingA sketch I did at Caribou. Such a cliche I know but I do not have internet. I have to mooch somewhere!

Non-drawing related things now!

SAM_1160 SAM_1164 SAM_1159Its nice that I have not been eating out so much. But this is what I have been making and putting together this summer. 🙂 Shrimp and veggies are super good but cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are totally awesome. I was so happy about the kabobs too because it was my first time cooking them and doing the whole marinade thing. Now I need to figure out what to cook next?

And so I have been keeping myself busy even though sometimes I feel that I should be doing more. Next week I turn 24 years old and I plan to go see the second Kick-Ass.

Ahh yeah. Mixing work and fun.

Well anyways, thank you for reading whoever you are. Have a nice day~


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