Graduate with a BFA in Animation at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

It has been a long time since I have updated. My final year at MCAD was definitely one of my most difficult yet. I can officially say that I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Animation. I cannot believe that I have finished school already. It has been so long but my time at MCAD went fast. My last year here has been the one where I have learned the most ever and I am inspired to continue my studies on my own. I am disappointed though, to say that I was not able to finish my senior project in time but it will be an ongoing piece for me. I refuse to give up and to continue working on it until it is finished in its entirety. You can see the process video below. I had finished the rough animation in January and started the cleanup process spring semester. I did not anticipate the time it would take me to just work on one scene. This project I worked on so much that is beyond my skill level that a lot of the time it was trial and error trying to get it all right. I am still working on the waltz scene. Very difficult for me because I am juggling two characters and they are moving in perspective. I will get it right though and my dream will come to life.

It has been five days since the graduation ceremony and I have been staying busy. The fact that I am finished though, has not hit me. I just know that I cannot stop and rest for too long. I have to stay constantly busy and work on my skills. I plan on doing a lot of drawing this summer and hopefully do some pencil tests. I have been checking off my tasks off the to do list like saving all my work on my harddrive, resetting my computer, spending my savings on the Adobe Suite, sending thank you cards, updating my website, entering the adobe awards, figuring out loans before my grace period is over, paying my car insurance, figuring out my new schedule, looking at places, emailing people, etc etc the list continues. I will be picking up more hours at the Dollar Tree for now, but I am SO ready to move forward. I want to start my career doing the thing I love most and that is drawing and being creative. So I am starting the ever wonderful journey of looking and applying to studios around the state. I need to find a place. I need to save up. I want to fully support myself. I dream so much of having my own apartment with my little light table. It may take sometime but it will happen.

Being at MCAD though, my passion for animation and the hand drawn has increased tremendously from before I came. I look at early Disney and the Fleisher Studios and I am in complete awe. Even more I want to achieve that high quality of animation that was in the Golden Age. I have found more people that I look up to along side Hayao Miyazaki and that is Chris Sanders, Glen Keane and Andreas Deja. I want to be able to not just draw but animate with the sincerity and heart they did. I want my art to have depth and beautiful shape. During the three years at MCAD, my eyes have opened in a new way. It was the hardest work I have ever done in my life, and sometimes I felt like I was thrown in the deep end of the pool without knowing what to do, but with the struggles and the hard times I shared with everyone, I learned a lot and know some of the tools I need to move forward. I also have the endurance, stamina, and determination to work hard forever. So with that, my time has been well spent and the debt I have racked up is well worth it. I improved and met some wonderful people and now am ready to keep moving forward.

Here are some sketches I have done over the year. Most were for pure fun because I needed a break from my senior project others are characters I developed for my Character Animation class such as the Bully and Tomboy and the Fantasy Deer Creature. Overall I hope to develop more characters and work on my style, technique, and draftsmanship.

Until than I will be working hard. Thank you everyone for your time and for looking at my website. Have a great day!

ALSO: I added a few more colored pieces to the “Illustrations” gallery.


Trying out different hairstyles


Drawing more females for fun


My bully character and tomboy character.


Drawing creatures


My favorite pastime is drawing couples. I was very happy with this one.


Fishergirl character design for my Illustration class. I might use her for a future animation.


Rocker chick. I started to really like using the blue pencil.


My quadruped I made up. I really like him.


I really love drawing couples


Cute girl


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