Third Week: Fall Semester

I am happy to say that my storyboard for my Senior Thesis has overall been approved by my teachers and peers. I have started animating it today. Which I am pretty excited about. There are a still few tweaks I must fix but overall I have a solid project.There is a lot to do but I know if I work hard everyday I will be able to finish this project.

Here is the concept art I did for it.

The story is based off a dream I had this year that I will never forget. Some content was changed and condensed greatly do to too much ambition and time constraint, but overall the core of the story is still there.

Here is one shot I did.

It is only a small part, but it is one giant step forward. The way I see it is, I do not have time to over think, I need to jump right into the animation, make mistakes and fix them quickly.

Also here is some of the animations I have done in Character Class for the past few weeks.

I am really excited about this class. I am learning so much already!

Well that is all for now~

OH! Except last night my friend Kelly and I were giving each other drawing challenges and I was drawing for fun. I am really happy with the results that came out. ❤

Slimy Elf Boy

Dog Guy Jogging. *Who happens to look like my beagle that I use to have as a human haha*
Panda Turtle eating a Crumb
Midnight ManTek TekCouple One.

 Well Thank you for reading and looking! Once again critiques are welcome!



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