First Day of School: Final Year

Tonight I have my first class of the semester, History of Animation. I am really excited! I am at my Senior Year at MCAD and I know it is going to be the hardest years of my life but I am ready to work hard and create a senior animation that I will be proud of. Other classes that I am taking this fall are Character Animation, Senior Project, and Advanced Animation. Those last two classes will be dedicated for working solely on my final animation.

Right now, the internship is still going on. This next week is going to be a little stressful to get the UN Women project completely finished while starting school but I cannot wait to see the final outcome. It has been a long summer/journey but I have learned a lot of good tips when it comes to drawing and animating, especially in the Photoshop.

It was a good summer though. I was consistent in working out, starting to eat healthier, going to Valley Fair for my 23rd birthday, jamming out at Rockfest and seeing Def Leppard, volunteering and helping with a mural, running with the zombie horde, and ending my summer with dancing to some hardstyle music~

Getting the Community involved in the Minneapolis Northside “Flow” Event.

Me and my friend Brenda on my 23rd Birthday at ValleyFair

Friends and I at “Lost in Space.”

Its been real good.

Also here is the finished piece of my Viking Queen.

I hope ya’ll like it. Critiques are always welcome.

I will try my best to continue my updates~

Au Revoir!


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