Summer Break: School around the corner

Hello everyone! Its been a few months since I have updated, I am still recovering a little from Stop Motion, which I am proud to announce I finished it on time and was a success!

Here it is!

This summer has been a busy one so far. I have been picking up more hours at work, working out, and working on a commercial for UN Women for my internship. My job is “clean up” and “inbetween” animating. It has been quite the learning experience, and I have surely learned a lot and have been practicing drawing often, especially on the cyntiqs. My confidence level in my linework I have noticed has improved too. Although right now I am in a rut because I am having a difficult time understanding the mechanics of certain movements in the animation.
Which is why I have taken a break to draw for fun or I am going to stay frustrated.

Although it is crunch time right now. School starts August 27th, Tuition is due August 17th, and we have to get this project done asap, AND I have to push forward on my Senior Project. I have no solidified the storyboards yet, which I must get done before school starts. I want to be well prepared for my senior year at MCAD and make sure that this final project is something I can truly be proud of. So far I have done a bunch of sketches, but I still need to come up with background and environmental designs. Perspective and architecture are both my weaknesses but are vital for my idea. Hopefully I can pull through.

Some fun events that have happened this summer was my first drive out of state, which was to Rock Fest in Cadott Wisconsin. I saw one of my most favorite bands, Def Leppard, and it was the most amazing and unforgettable experience. Than last weekend I got to participate in an event called Flow and I helped one of my old teachers from Fall semester with a mural. It was fun to get the community involved. Hopefully I can do something like that again.

In a nutshell, its been a good summer but there is still SO MUCH I want and need to do and not enough time. Oh well, small steps right?

Here is my drawing I started last night and finished tonight. I am surprised and happy how it turned out.

I also have been obsessed with drawing this fat faced cat a lot lately

Here is a self portrait I did, which was one of my first more developed doodles.

A gesture from my sketchbook that I did while at the drawing co-op not too long ago

Another doodle I did the same night as the fat cat

Well I am off! Thank you for reading and looking at my art~ Have a lovely day!


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