Spring Break: Stop Motion Process

Spring Break is two days from being finished and I have been working on my set and character non stop since last Sunday evening. I feel like I am so close yet still far away from being finished with the building. I wanted to be shooting my film by now but the process of creating everything has taken a great deal of time. I only wish that this Spring Break would be two weeks because I know that I would be able to be caught up and on the right track. There is just not enough hours in the day to finish everything. Speaking of which I have not touched any of my other school work. I am quite behind in 3D Modeling, where the model should be finished and ready to be rigged by when I return. I still have to do the head, bring it into Mudbox to mold, do face shapes, and other various tasks that I do not remember; but my main focus is Stop Motion class because I really care for this final project and I want it to be my most successful. I must say though, even with the lack of sleep and spending 98% of my time working and staying over at the school three-four nights a week, this is truly a good experience. Seeing my idea come together is such a great feeling and worth all the labor. I keep thinking about the end result and hoping that it all comes together beautifully. Until then I will keep working my hardest and keep my fingers crossed for this project to be done on time.

Her sword and costume design


Background Finished

Wall Process.

((Finished Wall shot will be uploaded later))

Character Process.

Character Process. Using Premier and Model Magic.

Character still in Progress. Will be using different eyes then shown here.

Fantasy World Progress.

My Work Area. ^_^


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