Second Year Spring of Second Semester

Hello Hello~ So it has been a few months since my last post… Better than a full year right?


I am still working at getting better at this updating thing.

So what has been going on since I last updated? Well it is almost midterms and I have been busy working towards my career as an Animator. Junior Review is coming up and I am working on my demo reel. ( As well as my resume, artist statement, biography, and logo ) I have to present my work in front of a panel of people and talk about what it is, who my inspirations are, my process, how being at MCAD is helping me, where will I take what I learned into the future, and so on. ( I have to pass this in order to become a Senior and take advanced classes)
Projects that I am currently working on are my Stop Motion Final, Modeling and Rigging Jimmy ( my unicorn backpack), Screenwriting, and Storyboarding. I am also learning a little bit about other programs such as Premiere, and how to color correct in my Advanced Post Production class. I have been learning a lot these past two semesters and it has been the most difficult but with my struggles I feel that slowly but surely I am developing my skills and knowledge.

My clay head for Stop Motion. I did an expression change with him. The set behind him is currently being worked on for my Final in Stop Motion.

This is Jimmy’s body that I am working on in Maya. He may be simple but creating him from scratch is not.

These are my characters I created in my Storyboard Class. Inspirations came from bottle shapes. It was a really good exercise.

Me in my little cubby.  🙂

I love that I am making a lot of friends. 🙂


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