Digital Illustration

11 thoughts on “Digital Illustration

  1. Jerry says:

    I’m stopping by. Hello. You sure do have a huge amount of work. I cannot believe the amount of work you have here at your blog. I am extremely impressed by the video stopmo work.

    • joslynschmitt89 says:

      Oh my! Thank you very much!!!! I never thought that I had a lot of work up heh heh because I am still trying to get better at posting things on here. I am happy that you like my Stop Motion stuff though. Enchanted Knight was my Final in the Spring and I am still in recovery mode from the sleepless nights at school, but it is probably the proudest piece I have up. 😛

  2. Brenda Jorgensen says:

    Joslyn, I’m so proud of you! I’m so excited for the next time we get together and we can show each other all of our most recent art stuff!

    You have improved so much over the years and your art is looking beautiful. I’m very excited to see your final animation project! Love ya lots!!

    • joslynschmitt89 says:

      Thank you so much Brenda. That really means a lot to me you have no idea. It is so nice when my endeavors are acknowledged so thank you again. It was great seeing you recently. Next time I look forward to looking at your art and us having a drawing day. Love ya too~

  3. writersandy says:

    Thanks for Liking my blog post on hummingbirds. I’m liking your illustrations very much. I may be looking for an illustrator in the future–am covered for next year’s children’s gardening book. Will save your info!

    • joslynschmitt89 says:

      Oh thank you very much! I am happy you like my drawings and I appreciate you liking my pages as well. The art on your posts is what definitely drew me to your blog, especially since it had to deal with nature! I look forward to reading more~

  4. Mary says:

    This is kinda of random, so I wanted to tell you- I’ve run into you twice in different places today, so I figured I would check out your art and follow. I saw that you followed my blog this morning, and just now, I was watching a video of Miyavi on Ellen, and yours was the first comment that caught my eye… idk, I thought it was cool. ^_^ Glad that happened because I love your work.

    • joslynschmitt89 says:

      Wow! What a small world it is! It just shows that art and Miyavi can bring people together! Haha. Thank you very much for the compliment and following me. I really appreciate the support. I have been on wordpress more often these days and I ran into your Edwin’s Adventures and absolutely ADORED your illustrations and style. ❤ Sorry I did not comment sooner. I just remember following you on my break and wanted to read more about that cute mouse on my down time. 🙂

      • Mary says:

        I’m glad you like Edwin! I need to write more of his story before I run out of what I have 😛 But thank you! And yes, it’s pretty incredible what something like music and art can do!

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